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Our ethos.

We prize team work, organisation, time-management, communication, presentation, entrepreneurialism, self-motivation, confidence and initiative.

We are a flexible outfit, we understand that life does not always revolve around work, but in return we expect flexibility from you.

We want ideas people and inspiration, we do not want work horses or those who do not respect their colleagues, shun jobs they feel are below their station or have a strict predetermined idea of a "corporate" ladder that must be climbed.

We support talent before titles, talent creates mobility, titles create elitism.

We provide a flexible and dynamic centrally based work environment allied to a deep routed element of trust in all our team members who are expected to show initiative and a healthy level of autonomy.

We are charismatic not bureaucratic - we lay strategy and direction to establish roles and objectives then we leave the rest to you.

We are not micromanagers or spoon feeders, candidates must be free to be inventive and deliver clarity to our clients in order to achieve the required goals and aims.

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